Ian Grant Armstrong is an accomplished photographer based in the Bay Area.  He began his exploration of the medium with analogue photography in 2000 after extensive travels in Kenya, using 35mm film cameras and developing his own colour and black and white film and prints in the darkroom.  He shifted his focus to digital photography seven years later when he purchased a Nikon D40x in anticipation of travel to the country of Bhutan.

Ian is a skilled traveler with substantial exposure to a wide variety of climates and cultures across the globe.  His interest in photography was born from a desire to share his experiences of travel with the people he loves.  From that beginning, he quickly developed a deep and sincere love of the medium itself.

It was not long before Ian's interest in photography grew from its initial connection with travel.  Today, his dedication to the medium infuses most aspects of his life.  Nowhere is that more true than in his connections with other people.
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